Medical Billing and Coding Training in Lorton, VA

Due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and an aging population, the career outlook for medical billing and coding technicians is expected to grow at a rate of 22% through the year 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Billing & Coding Specialists have an expansive range of opportunities for employment. The skills learned through the CBCS certification are essential to hospitals, physician offices, surgery centers, nursing homes, dental offices, home healthcare agencies, mental health facilities and even insurance companies and consulting firms.

As a CBCS, you may perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Gather/review essential patient information
  • Verify required documentation before patient information is released
  • Prevent fraud/abuse by auditing billing
  • Support coding and billing process
  • Assign codes for diagnoses and procedures
  • Submit claims for reimbursement

Coach healthcare providers to achieve optimal reimbursement

The Metropolitan Institute of Health & Technology offers medical insurance billing and coding training in Lorton, VA, that provides you with the skills needed to perform a variety of administrative health information functions in an insurance office setting. These skills include tasks associated with organizing, analyzing, and technically evaluating health insurance claim forms as well as coding diseases, surgeries, medical procedures, and other therapies for billing and collection. The coursework includes hands on Medisoft Software training.

Certified medical billing and coding specialists are responsible for organizing and managing health information and data for the purpose of billing patients and securing reimbursement from insurance providers. After undergoing our medical billing and coding classes, students will be prepared to sit for the following nationally recognized qualifications:

American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) – Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS)

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) – Certified Coding Apprentice (CCA)

American Academy Professional Coders (AAPC) – Certified Professional Coder Apprentice (CPC-A)

National Health Career Association (NHA) – Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Contact our staff to request additional information and resources with regards to our medical billing and coding training program. We offer this and many other dynamic educational programs at our institute in Lorton, Virginia.

Tuition: $1500

60 clock hours